Figures & Table Formatting

We prepare your figures and tables for publication.

We prepare your figures and tables for publication based on your images, graphs, and diagrams, our Figure Formatting service creates publication-ready figures that meet the chosen journal’s requirements. Changes to file type, resolution, color features, text, size, line weights, and layout are all included to improve readability and professional appearance. After your figures have been configured, you are free to ask as many questions as you want about the work we have done. Our Tables service assists you in clearly presenting your data with properly formatted tables that adhere to the guidelines of your target journal. Allow our team of scientifically trained illustrators to adjust the layout, font, spacing, borders, and shading of your tables so that your results are communicated accurately and efficiently.

Tables and figures are used in almost every field of research to provide a graphical presentation of important information to the reader. They are used to organize statistical results from a study, list important tabulated data, and give the reader a visual way to compare related items. Tables make it possible to describe information that would be difficult to describe in text. A figure is a graphic or pictorial representation, such as a chart, graph, photograph, or line drawing. Include pie charts, line charts, bar charts, organizational charts, flow charts, diagrams, blueprints, and maps. Figures should be used only when a visual aids the reader’s comprehension of the methodology or results.

We use a table for specific numbers, summary text, and figures for visual presentations. If you choose to include a figure or table in your assignment, we will assist you in following the formatting guidelines for the specific style.

In addition to Figure Formatting for your established figures, Personalized Illustration can help you create original illustrations based on sketches, redraw low-resolution diagrams and schematics to generate high-quality statistics, or create graphs from data tables. The graphic designers work directly with you to help you turn your ideas and data into figures that will help you connect your research, whether in print, on posters, or in slide presentations.

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