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Are YOU looking for academic scientific editing? Well, you are in the right place. With our academic language experts, you will get the best academic editing services. We are a team of academic proofreaders, native language experts, and Scientific Editors. We focus on research papers, reviews within natural sciences (medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences), as well as engineering. Our scientific manuscript editing team is qualified in science editing and proofreading scientific papers. They have been trained to examine your content’s text style, including Scientific Editing, proofreading research papers, spelling, consistency, and accuracy. Any text can be edited using this service, whether in English or another language. The goal is to create a text that flows well and is easier to understand than the original.

Academic Proofreading

We aim to serve non-native English speakers in attaining a level of writing quality akin to that of English language scientific journals. TransEditing Academic proofreading service assists researchers in overcoming language difficulties so that their work can be recognized and published in prestigious journals around the world. TransEditing editing academic writing match papers to scientific editor with relevant subject matter knowledge who will repair typographical problems, correct grammar and punctuation. They rewrite the material precisely, concise, and transparent way. Our scientific editing services are native English speakers with lengthy writing, editing, and evaluating scientific and technical articles. There is an editor for every discipline, including clinical medicine, biological sciences, and social sciences.

Our Scientific Editing Services Are Affordable, Efficient, Secure, and Guaranteed

We understand the importance of security and confidentiality when editing unpublished research documents, and we keep all intellectual property and personal information safe and protected. Our scientific editors can meet extremely tight deadlines while providing scientific editing services via electronic files (typically Microsoft Word documents) in a highly efficient manner, providing the author with both a clean and tracked version of his or her manuscript. The clean version includes the editor’s fixes and modifications. In contrast, the tracing version shows all of the changes made during scientific editing and allows the author to accept or reject them individually. The scientific editor’s remarks, suggestions, and theories are presented slightly so that the author can take advantage of the editor’s knowledge and experience for the current document and future writing projects.

Reasonable Price

Finally, TransEditing guarantees customer satisfaction. The prices for scientific editing are reasonable and are calculated in advance based on the word count of a client’s document. Even if there are significant issues to resolve and the editing job becomes exceptionally complicated and time-consuming, the editing price we quote for a manuscript will never increase. Indeed, we hope that our expert scientific editing will assist our international clientele of scientists. Many of whom are not native English speakers in resolving major and minor English writing issues that prevent them from publishing valuable new research.

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