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Academic Translation


At TransEditing, You Will Work With A Seasoned Team Of Language Experts And A Carefully Selected Group Of Independent Contractors With A Solid Professional Background In Language Translation And Official Qualifications Such As University Degrees.

Our teams look forward to working with you on your academic projects and helping your research team communicate more effectively with your networks.
The texts are translated, edited and reviewed by a team of professional translators with experience in the subject field.

Our quality assurance team supervises all of our projects following our internal QA procedures to ensure not only our services are up to international standards but also, and more importantly, to our client’s satisfaction.

In general, our clients prefer the full-service translation solution, including revision and proofreading, as well as typesetting and proofing, to receive hassle-free, on time, translated content.

We work with both print and digital publishing.
We have a highly skilled team of freelance translators, editors, proofreaders and typesetters keen to work with us to deliver a beautiful end product that will leave your readers wanting more! 

Language Editing

Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Our Copy-Editors Are Trained To Screen A Text For Style, Grammar, Spelling, Consistency And Accuracy. This Service Applies To Translations, Or Texts Written In English Or Any Other Language.

The aim is to achieve a text that reads fluently and is better than the original.

The The body of literature is composed of thousands of academic journals, each with its own unique style, formatting, and editing requirements. At TransEditing, we are unique because we adjust our editing style to meet the specific requirements of each journal.

With our services, you can be certain that your manuscript will meet the English language requirements of your target journal. In fact, one of our editors with expertise in your research area will remove all grammatical errors and make recommendations for improving the flow and readability of your manuscript.

At your request, we will also ensure your manuscript is formatted according to the specifications of your target journal. Our service is available for both native and non-native English speaking academicians.Your assigned editor will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. He or she will also improve the flow of your paper, eliminate any awkward sentences or phrasing, and ensure that the writing is clear and concise while meeting the formatting requirements of the targeted journal.

We provide a unique editing certificate for each manuscript that our team prepares for publication. You can provide this certificate to the journal when you submit your manuscript to indicate that the text of your manuscript is grammatically correct, coherently written, and formatted correctly.

This certificate communicates to your target journal that your manuscript meets the highest standards and has been thoroughly edited by one of our expert English editors with experience related to your research area.

We work with both print and digital publishing.
We have a highly skilled team of freelance translators, editors, proofreaders and typesetters keen to work with us to deliver a beautiful end product that will leave your readers wanting more!

American Journal Experts Academic editing

Plagiarism check

Exceptional Service

Our Plagiarism Check Helps You Identify Passages In Your Manuscript That Might Be Flagged By The Journal For Accidental Plagiarism.

We thoroughly check your manuscript for such situations by using a software that is widely used in the academic community to check the originality of a document. Plus,we also go the extra measure and provide a report that highlights the problematic sections of your document, alongside an expert’s comment on how they may individually affect the journal’s evaluation.

A thorough plagiarism check with the iThenticate check software
Highlighting of problematic sections
A publication expert’s comments for corrective action

References formatting

Exceptional Service

9 Out Of 10 Students Struggle With Citing Sources. But Accurate Citation Is Essential: Mistakes Can Result In Lost Marks Or Even Accidental Plagiarism.

In-text citations can be tricky, and it’s easy to overlook mistakes. Is it (Mark Antony et al 2020) or (Mark Antony et al., 2020)? Don’t worry—our citation experts will make sure:

Punctuation is perfect; “Et al.” is used correctly ; All necessary information is included

We’ll also cross-check your in-text citations against your reference list and highlight any missing references.

Books, webpages, articles, videos: each type of source has a different reference format. Getting the details right is important, so your citation expert will review every reference to ensure: The correct information is included; Style guide requirements are met; Capitalization and punctuation is spot on

We’ll also improve the overall layout of the reference page, including indentation and line spacing.

TransEditing’s citation experts edit hundreds of references every week, so you can rest assured that they’re familiar with the rarest exceptions and the most recent guidelines.

We have expertise in all commonly used citation styles, including :

  • APA Style (6th and 7th edition)
  • MLA Style
    Chicago Style
  • Vancouver
  • Harvard

Are you using a different citation style? No problem! Forward your style guide and our experts will dive into it.

References Formatting

Other services

Scientific Review (technical & terminology)

We examine all aspects of your scientific document.

Uses field-specific PhD-qualified editors, editing to quality standards set by the rigorous scientific community.

This includes a detailed report with feedback and, for journal manuscripts, publishing advice and journal recommendations based on our editors’ detailed assessment of your findings

Statistical review

Using Our Statistical Review Service Can Help Even The Most Experienced Author Avoid Making Mistakes In Their Reporting And Statistics, Allowing Them To Focus On The Topic Issues.


A clear and accurately reported paper will lead to fewer rejections and revisions.

Scientific illustration & Academic Infographic

Illustration Can Be A Powerful Way To Communicate About Your Work. From Protein Structures To Process Flowcharts, Illustrations Give Readers An Intuitive Insight Into Your Research, Helping Them Understand Concepts, Determine Their Relevance And Build Upon Them.

The academic infographic is a popular way to present scientific findings. Tell your story visually to promote your research on social media, through newsrooms or at conferences.

Figures & table formatting

Tables And Figures Are Used In Most Fields Of Study To Provide A Visual Presentation Of Important Information To The Reader.

They are used to organize the statistical results of a study, to list important tabulated information, and to allow the reader a visual method of comparing related items. Tables offer a way to detail information that would be difficult to describe in the text.
A figure is a graphic or pictorial representation, such as a chart, graph, photograph, or line drawing. These figures may include pie charts, line charts, bar charts, organizational charts, flow charts, diagrams, blueprints, or maps. Limit figures to situations in which a visual helps the reader understand the methodology or results. Use a table to provide specific numbers and summary text, and use figures for visual presentations.
If you choose to insert a figure or table in your assignment, then we will help you follow the specific guidelines about formatting of the specific style.

Scientific video

We Will Help You Create A Video Short Or Video Abstract And Turn Your Findings Into An Engaging And Accessible Overview That’s Perfect For Sharing On Websites And Social Media – Extending The Reach And Visibility Of Your Research.

Conference postery

We Create Visually Appealing Conference Posters That Are Designed To Help Your Research Stand Out In The Crowd. We Will Make For You A High-Resolution, Print-Ready Image File Formatted To The Conference’s Poster Guidelines.

Cover letter

The Cover Letter Accompanying Your Journal Submission Is Your Chance To Lobby On Behalf Of Your Manuscript.

The letter is far from just a formality and should be written with the same care as your manuscript’s text (if not more). Ultimately, your cover letter is designed to influence the decision of the editor to send your manuscript out for peer review. The letter will argue that your manuscript is a good fit for the journal you are submitting it to and highlight your most important findings.
TransEditing team will help you prepare the cover letter that will convince editors.


Before Submitting Your Abstract, Our Specialized Editing Team Will Assist You In Language Polishing And Will Carefully Correct Any Errors In Grammar, Punctuation, Consistency, Spelling, And Word Choice.

Journal recommendation

TransEditing’s Journal Recommendation Service Will Help You Find The Best Journals For Your Manuscript.

The service includes a detailed report on 3 journals that is compiled by experts within the field and then reviewed by our in-house team of journal experts. We will ensure that all journals selected are well matched to your article’s findings and your publication goals.

Services For Publishers

TransEditing Is Also Offering Editorial Services For Publishers.

We have a wide range of services available to assist you, including:

  • Copy-editing
  • Reviewing
  • Localisation
  • Proofreading
  • Typesetting (DTP)
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