Scientific Video

Scientific Video is one of the most efficient ways to communicate your research findings to a larger audience. Video abstracts can be submitted with your article as part of the submission and review process, used as part of a media campaign once your paper has been approved, or as part of your publicity efforts. Why not include a brief video clip in your next grant application? Get your message across to editors and improve your chances of receiving funding in the next round.

When your journal allows you to submit a Scientific Video, use TransEditing to complete this time-consuming task on a tight deadline. Our creative team of scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, editors and professional voice actors will create an outstanding video abstract. A clever lead and scientific adviser (Ph.D. or MD) will confirm the project’s clarity and efficiency to ensure that your manuscript has the ability to be highlighted as a featured video abstract by the journal. This product can also be used to enhance your work in ways that traditional manuscripts cannot. Posts on social media, department newsletters, university and laboratory websites, and TV news segments are just a few examples; the video abstract is a reusable communication tool!

TransEditing scientific expert team will:

  • Convert your abstract or source material into a narration script suitable for professional audio recording.
  • Create a video that tells the story of your work and includes narration, music, sound effects, illustration, animation, and live-action edits.
  • Make revisions or corrections based on your feedback to ensure your task’s accurate and engaging representation.
  • Animate a current figure, schematic, or other picture types to show its significance all the more expressly.
  • Make a creative activity of a vital idea from your work, as per your guidelines.

You will receive a Scientific Video of 2-3 minutes and brief recordings with a voiceover that conveys the central message of your examination yield.

  • Separate sound and slide documents are utilized for your task.
  • A total and accurate record of the portrayal.
  • Advancement of your video on our web-based media stages.
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